Definition of infectiveness in English:



See infective

‘We are regularly told that head lice only transfer on prolonged head to head contact, that head lice off the head lose their infectiveness, and that wet combing is ineffective.’
  • ‘The researchers have cloaked adenovirus with mannose and showed that the normal broad infectiveness of adenovirus is switched off, and that instead it is re-targeted to macrophage cells.’
  • ‘The area of high-magnitude electric field causes disruption of cellular membranes and leads to a loss of cell viability and infectiveness.’
  • ‘Further studies with longitudinally collected throat wash and saliva specimens from a larger number of SARS patients would help determine the onset and duration of infectiveness.’
  • ‘It was conventionally thought that ‘naked DNAs’ in a molecular state which are separated from cells showed no bioactivity (particularly infectiveness).’