Definition of infeed in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or process of supplying material to a machine.

    • ‘The machine is suited for high precision, infeed and single-revolution, thread rolling, worm rolling and roll sizing.’
    • ‘Several degrees of automation are available, ranging from semiautomatic hand feeding of product to a fully automated system of product infeed, leaflet insertion, and discharge handling of the completed carton.’
    • ‘If the Eskom infeed to Komga has faulted, Mr Van Zyl can contact the Eskom Contact Centre for feedback.’
    • ‘This in combination with an AC servomotor drive and a high precision, internally cooled crossfeed ballscrew enable peak accuracies with minimum infeed increments of 0.00001’.’
    • ‘Sensor height information can speed productivity by overriding the CNC program, providing faster, more rapid infeed information to the next work-piece cut.’
    • ‘All fluid milk is packaged into three-sided or four sided plastic dairy cases and conveyed into the cooler on one of two infeed conveyors.’
    • ‘It uses a powerful 5-wheel feed system with an optional track type infeed conveyor.’
    • ‘This is accomplished with a servo-controlled bag infeed conveyor and a vacuum system for accurate bag positioning.’
    • ‘With this system, the row-forming infeed conveyor pregroups cases into complete rows.’
    • ‘Unit completes with dough infeed device and electric eye for automatic survey of the dough tension.’
    • ‘It would mean dramatically different sawmilling operations, with only one diameter sort brought to the infeed deck at any given time.’
    • ‘A machine is designed for fully automated packaging, beginning with a kit or a specified device entering the machine through a right-angle infeed conveyor.’
    • ‘Dannon uses a dual infeed palletizer so that two different products - natural spring water and Danimals Drinkable yogurt - can be palletized at the same time.’
    • ‘So while he was on the cherry picker, rolling out past the fence to the raw-materials yard for the cedar, I fired up the infeed conveyor.’
    1. 1.1count noun A mechanism which supplies material to a machine.
      • ‘The screw diameter gradually increases from the machine's infeed to the die - either over the entire screw length (as in a universal screw), or over a screw section.’
      • ‘Both grinders feature remote-controlled operation, with a 56-in.-high x 48-in.-wide infeed opening and a 40-in.-wide conveyor for stacking material to a height of 18 ft.’
      • ‘The Morgan typically shuttles this material some 75 to 100 metres to the chipper, swinging the drags so the logs are aligned straight into the chipper infeed.’
      • ‘While the delimber has removed the quality sawlogs and peelers from the hardwood, the tangled mass of low-grade logs and tops left behind can be a challenging diet for the chipper infeed.’