Definition of infernally in English:



See infernal

‘Not only are they infernally cute and little (barely more than two and a half metres long), but they have interchangeable exterior panels, so I could change my car's colour whenever my mood shifted.’
  • ‘I generally try to avoid pitch-dark, infernally hot enclosures, but now that Brown is my new best friend I find his preamble so avuncular and sweet that I almost consider it.’
  • ‘My online friends also give me things to do: Help with research, nonsense games to play, and lately, an infernally frustrating quiz from the marketers of the Da Vinci Code.’
  • ‘Bordered by nine countries, its mineral wealth is brazenly plundered, made possible by an infernally weak state in which corruption, violence and lawlessness are rife.’
  • ‘My site is taking an infernally long time to load.’



/inˈfərnəlē/ /ɪnˈfərnəli/