Definition of infinitesimally in English:



See infinitesimal

‘The design of the pipeline means that the risk of such an event or any other type of gas escape is infinitesimally small.’
  • ‘In fact, leaving aside the infinitesimally small world of math geniuses, there isn't any evidence that men are more intelligent than women, and no one seriously says so.’
  • ‘At their best they became monolithic tomes - bunkers for content, guides updated haphazardly that infinitesimally accrete ‘content’.’
  • ‘Of course, discrimination and prejudice are all around, and only an infinitesimally tiny sliver of the total number of racist utterances will ever get in front of a Tribunal judge.’
  • ‘Anything that happened between the big bang's start and that point, an infinitesimally small amount of time, cannot be discerned through mathematics.’



/ˌinˌfinəˈtes(ə)məlē/ /ˌɪnˌfɪnəˈtɛs(ə)məli/