Definition of infirmarer in English:


Pronunciation /inˈfərmərər/ /ɪnˈfərmərər/


  • A person in charge of the infirmary in a medieval monastery.

    ‘The body was washed and prepared for burial by the women of the family (or by the monastic infirmarer, in the case of a monk or nun), and either shrouded or placed in a coffin.’
    • ‘The infirmarer was allowed to speak to the inmates of the infirmary, but was to do so quietly and in designated areas.’
    • ‘The prior, or he who holds his power, if the sickness of the brother requires immediate assistance, shall tell the infirmarer.’


Late Middle English from Old French enfermerier, from enfermerie ‘infirmary’, based on Latin infirmus (see infirm).