Definition of infirmary in English:


Pronunciation /inˈfərm(ə)rē/ /ɪnˈfərm(ə)ri/

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  • 1A place in a large institution for the care of those who are ill.

    ‘the prison infirmary’
    • ‘When I went down to the prison infirmary, I walked down there on my own and I didn't really lose much blood.’
    • ‘Her eyes opened and she stared up at him curiously, seeming not in the least bit surprised to be sleeping in the prison infirmary.’
    • ‘Phineas is taken to the school's infirmary where he is cared for by Doctor Stanhope.’
    • ‘Before actually coming strait to my house I had to drop by the school infirmary to get my hand taken care of and go in search for Sam's clothes.’
    • ‘It boasted offices, a county records depository, cells for petty prisoners, accommodation for women prisoners, a yard and an infirmary.’
    • ‘She did feel that she was fit to the task, prison infirmary or not.’
    • ‘Cherry sat across from them in the prison's infirmary, sipping slowly at her cup of warm milk.’
    • ‘Being back in prison after everything that happened - even if he was in the infirmary, it's still prison.’
    • ‘The size of a small hospital, the infirmary had more than enough resources to tend to the wounded, and they were well taken care of.’
    • ‘The infirmary, or hospital, was across the rectangle of stone walkways from the stables.’
    • ‘The lack of medical supplies and the primitive infirmary the delegates observed make it clear that it is difficult to provide even basic medical care.’
    • ‘Each of Florida's counties stocked medical supplies in school infirmaries.’
    • ‘In 1865 a medical magazine set up a special commission to inquire into London workhouse infirmaries.’
    • ‘Nobody ever had to wear a hospital gown unless they'd been in the infirmary for something.’
    • ‘I walked out of the communications room and headed towards the infirmary.’
    • ‘I awoke, letting my eyes slowly adjust to the dim but still traumatic lighting of the infirmary.’
    • ‘Check whether the camp infirmary stocks your child's medication, too.’
    • ‘I sat there in the infirmary watching the nurses run about, taking blood and putting in tube after tube trying to save him.’
    • ‘She explained that she was currently treating a patient in the small jail infirmary who was about 24 weeks pregnant.’
    • ‘The section ends with Stephen recovering in the school infirmary.’
    1. 1.1A hospital.
      ‘There were also in Baghdad numerous colleges of learning, hospitals, infirmaries for both sexes and lunatic asylums.’
      • ‘Nuns also provided cheap personnel for preschools, infirmaries, sanitariums, asylums, soup kitchens, and orphanages, especially in the North.’
      • ‘Soon the hotel began to resemble an infirmary, with dozens of guests in various stages of illness strewn around the lobby every night.’
      • ‘Some of the wounded were taken to small infirmaries nearby or to local residents' homes.’
      • ‘Norris, originally from Scotland where he trained, began work as a staff nurse in orthopaedics at the infirmary in December 2001.’
      • ‘Even those who have access to an infirmary or clinic may visit herbalists or other healers.’
      • ‘Her name was Netta, which is a name that I still love to this day, and she was a paramedic at the infirmary.’
      • ‘Anyway, she started secretly treating drudges at night after she learned that most infirmaries consist of a first-aid kit and a supply of heavy sedatives.’
      • ‘Police are also carrying out medical reviews of 18 other deaths at the infirmary and St James's Hospital in Leeds.’
      • ‘All were orthopaedic patients on ward 36 at the infirmary.’
      • ‘He was referred to top surgeons at the infirmary after one of the aneurysms showed signs of significantly worsening.’
      • ‘Withering first settled into medical practice in Stafford, working as a physician in the county infirmary.’
      • ‘Today, a spokeswoman for the hospital trust which operates the infirmary confirmed that the source had now been identified.’
      • ‘Within five years the infirmary would be a paperless hospital.’
      • ‘Detectives will look into the records of other patients who died on Ward One at the infirmary between July 2001 and January 2004.’
      • ‘He was still feeling a bit groggy, probably due to a sedative given to him by a nurse at the infirmary.’
      • ‘One of the founders, and the first surgeon to the infirmary, was Charles White.’
      • ‘One former nurse at the infirmary said he had a charming manner but made it clear to staff that he was the ‘king pin’.’
      • ‘Mr Hesketh waited two hours in the infirmary's accident and emergency department for an X-ray.’
      • ‘The woman, who is in her 90s, is being treated by Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, which has wards on the infirmary site.’


Late Middle English from medieval Latin infirmaria, from Latin infirmus (see infirm).