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  • 1(of strong feelings) provoked or intensified.

    ‘inflamed passions overrode reasoning’
    • ‘A government lawyer publicly asserts that her case was brought for the purpose of dousing inflamed passions.’
    • ‘He's still directing teammate , playing tight defense, setting hard picks, and bringing his inflamed passion to the proceedings.’
    • ‘Asked if he would have any specific instructions for his players on how to manage inflamed passions on the field, he was equally curt.’
    • ‘There are a lot of inflamed passions right now and people are not necessarily thinking straight.’
    • ‘The inflamed passions of hardcore fans can make a minor issue into a major one.’
    • ‘An accidental clash could inadvertently spark conflict given the inflamed passions on both sides.’
    • ‘The four vocal scenes of the final act are a direct result of this inflamed spirit of enmity and continued misunderstanding.’
    • ‘Politicians on both sides added to the inflamed atmosphere.’
    • ‘None of the inflamed fears of that era panned out.’
    • ‘His crime: helping his daughter escape the inflamed nation.’
    • ‘The inflamed rhetoric began to dissipate on Wednesday.’
  • 2(of a part of the body) red or swollen as a result of inflammation.

    ‘inflamed eyes and lips’
    • ‘The inflamed airways of asthmatics are twitchy, and inhaling pollen or other allergens can cause the airways to become more inflamed.’
    • ‘Those examinations confirmed that he is suffering from an inflamed appendix, which he hopes can be treated with antibiotics.’
    • ‘Unlike some treatments, it makes sure you only use it on the inflamed area.’
    • ‘The answer was surgical removal of his chronically inflamed colon.’
    • ‘Prednisone is an artificial corticosteroid used for subduing inflammation present in people with different allergic and inflamed conditions.’
    • ‘He said that many girls use substandard coloured contact lenses without knowing the negative effects like serious eye injuries and inflamed cornea.’
    • ‘He was treated in hospital last week for an inflamed gallbladder.’
    • ‘If drug therapies fail, removal of parts of the inflamed intestine is currently the last treatment option.’
    • ‘It turns out he had inflamed joints in his lower back.’
    • ‘On a day that love is in the air, the last thing any world traveler wants to worry about is irritated, inflamed skin.’
    • ‘The team says he has an inflamed tendon, a problem he has had in years past.’
    swollen, puffed up
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/inˈflāmd/ /ɪnˈfleɪmd/