Definition of inflammability in English:



See inflammable

‘Signs of this characteristic duality, the coexistence of civil atomisation and popular inflammability, can be found in the deep structures of much French thought.’
  • ‘It's a jarring transition for a band originally known for its raw, youthful and raucous inflammability, but a nonetheless fitting and increasingly natural one.’
  • ‘The results of this inquiry, coupled with his own belief as to the inflammability of furnace oil in the open, led him to think that the respondents could safely carry on their operations.’
  • ‘The inflammability of the Australian bush (which has adapted to the climate) adds to the risk.’
  • ‘Original research is being conducted on the combustibility and inflammability of successive plant regrowth as these fires accumulate.’



/inˌflaməˈbilədē/ /ɪnˌflæməˈbɪlədi/