Definition of inflection point in English:

inflection point


  • 1

    (also point of inflection)
    A point of a curve at which a change in the direction of curvature occurs.

    ‘In any case, our sample size of 500 was sufficient to have crossed the inflection point on the sampling curve.’
    • ‘We estimated the growth-rate constant K, and the inflection point I, using the equations in Table 1.’
    • ‘This would give a sensitive initial portion to the curve, an inflexion point at 10-15 Gy, followed by a more resistant portion.’
    • ‘The coordinates of the inflection point for each curve are indicated by the horizontal and vertical lines.’
    • ‘The logistic curve is symmetric about the inflection point at which t = (ln b) / r and g = a / 2.’
  • 2mainly US (in business) a time of significant change in a situation; a turning point.

    ‘The financial crisis has now reached an undeniable inflection point.’
    • ‘Malawi's not yet, from what I can tell, anywhere near the inflection point.’
    • ‘Specifically we want to show why we use sentiment data to forecast market inflection points.’
    • ‘We may currently be at an important inflection point in financial markets.’
    • ‘We're going through an inflection point in the marketplace.’
    • ‘In our opinion, the first quarter of 2004 represented an inflection point worthy of influencing substantial revisions in portfolio allocations.’
    • ‘There are two contenders in my mind for the inflection point in the modern history of Indian cricket.’
    • ‘WWI came at an interesting inflection point in culinary history.’
    • ‘We have reached an inflection point in American politics.’
    • ‘The thing is, inflection points are very rare.’
    • ‘The second inflection point this week was made by Google with its Google Web Accelerator.’
    • ‘In support of your point, it can be bad for the economy to have policy adrift at an inflection point.’
    • ‘An unexpected spike in jobless claims announced last week doused hopes that the economic downturn had finally reached an inflection point.’
    • ‘There are several reasons to believe that we have reached a critical inflection point.’
    • ‘One thing is certain, oil is at a major inflection point.’
    • ‘A case can be made that we have now passed a key inflection point for global interest rate markets.’
    • ‘The feeling that we have passed a momentous inflection point is almost palpable.’
    • ‘This would prove a significant inflection point in financial history.’
    • ‘It marked an important inflection point in business history.’
    • ‘It appears an important inflection point has been passed for the dollar.’