Definition of inflexed in English:



  • Bent or curved inward.

    ‘The mournful opening adagio is extremely haunting, images of concentration camps, trains and ghettoes speedily passed through my head as I sat transfixed listening to the Griller's superbly inflexed interpretation.’
    • ‘In flowers with attractive sepals, since these perianth parts are inflexed, bees may spend several seconds on the flower sepals before falling into the flower cavity.’
    • ‘The romantic opening theme that sets the scene for this core is typical Warbeck, an emotionally inflexed tune of great beauty and sentimental charm.’
    • ‘They have a thick, consistently inflexed pedicel in contrast to the remaining members of Petunia, which have a thin, deflexed pedicel in the fruiting state.’
    • ‘If a specimen has a slightly inflexed pedicel, however, other characters must be considered carefully before a clear identification can be made.’
    • ‘The new leaves have an inflexed ptyxis and young leaves appear to be rolled up at the tip.’
    • ‘A pair of inflexed prolongations extends progressively downwards from opposite corners of the base, with the width of each prolongation being less than half the width of the base.’
    • ‘Microsania departs from all empid genera in possessing a large and inflexed hypopygium and a single median row of acrostichal hairs.’
    • ‘Finally, in some species the cavity is located on the hypomeron, which is the inflexed part of the pronotum.’
    • ‘General appearance at 13 years of age reported as rather more heavily branched than surrounding trees; mucros inflexed at base of cone, reflexed at apex.’



/inˈflekst/ /ɪnˈflɛkst/