Definition of infodemic in English:



  • An excessive amount of information about a problem that is typically unreliable, spreads rapidly, and makes a solution more difficult to achieve.

    ‘he told a press conference there was an infodemic of false information spreading throughout the world’
    • ‘Join top CEOs to explore which risks are most susceptible to infodemics and, together, develop new strategies in reputation risk management.’
    • ‘What is more, the information epidemic - or ‘infodemic’ - has made the public health crisis harder to control and contain.’
    • ‘Cherkasky, 56, doesn't believe that pandemic will be avian flu but is worried about what he calls an ‘infodemic’.’
    • ‘‘Like an epidemic, an infodemic results in widespread dissemination; but with an infodemic, the ‘organism’ misinformation - isolated facts mixed with speculation and rumor anxious relayed worldwide via the instant communication made possible by the internet, laptops, wireless, pages, faxes, and email.’’



/ˌinfəˈdemik/ /ˌɪnfəˈdɛmɪk/


Early 21st century blend of information and epidemic.