Definition of information retrieval in English:

information retrieval

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  • The tracing and recovery of specific information from stored data.

    as modifier ‘an information retrieval system’
    • ‘The Centre long ago realized the importance of information retrieval systems on the Internet, including the distribution of in-house preprints, yearly activities and public access catalogs.’
    • ‘This process is sometimes known as machine understanding, a multidisciplinary endeavor involving information retrieval, linguistics and artificial intelligence.’
    • ‘These organizations had learned the hard way about information systems and information retrieval.’
    • ‘The technologies we now use are an outgrowth of early, computerized information retrieval programs.’
    • ‘Without intelligent indexing, a database is little better than a filesystem for information retrieval.’


information retrieval

/ˌinfərˈmāSHən rəˌtrēvəl/ /ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃən rəˌtrivəl/