Definition of information revolution in English:

information revolution


  • The proliferation of the availability of information and the accompanying changes in its storage and dissemination owing to the use of computers.

    • ‘The new world order of the computer and the information revolution offers the country a situation quite favourable to its unique spiritual and intellectual talents.’
    • ‘Globalization may have been given a decisive push by the information revolution, but computers and the internet didn't cause it.’
    • ‘The information revolution of the 1990s was also accompanied by the rise of neo-liberal economic philosophy and a resurgence of capitalism.’
    • ‘And, thanks to the information revolution and increased economic migration, they now know that things are better elsewhere.’
    • ‘Much of the new investment in journalism today - much of the information revolution generally - is in disseminating the news, not in collecting it.’
    • ‘With publications and broadcasting delivered free by the Internet directly to homes, is the information revolution making libraries obsolete?’
    • ‘The indeterminate answers to these elementary questions about the information revolution are in stark contrast to the strength of conviction that IT determines the modern world.’
    • ‘Citizens of these nations are constantly told about the information revolution that will dissolve the old struggles of class, nation, gender, and ethnicity.’
    • ‘And, thanks to the information revolution, the slightest hint of corruption at the highest levels quickly became global news’
    • ‘Africa has entered the information revolution.’
    • ‘The information revolution, though, has given India, for the first time, some real resources and tools to address its chronic ailments.’
    • ‘This process of interconnectedness was propelled by the dual impact of globalisation and its handmaiden, the information revolution.’
    • ‘However, if current economic and social trends continue, leadership in the information revolution and soft power will become more important in the mix.’
    • ‘They were part of the information revolution; electronic text that sent words flying free of paper around the world to be displayed or stored in profusion.’
    • ‘We are going through an information revolution.’
    • ‘This is the great benefit of the information revolution.’
    • ‘The end of the Cold War, the spread of wealth and the information revolution have changed the nature of the threats our predecessors faced.’
    • ‘One retired chief librarian said there was a time when public libraries were in the vanguard of the information revolution, but they lost the initiative.’
    • ‘The information revolution is inconceivable without political democracy - and vice-versa.’