Definition of information scent in English:

information scent


  • 1Visual or textual cues provided on a website to suggest what information it or its links may contain.

    ‘Many organisations resolve the problem of weak information scents by listing content in multiple places.’
    • ‘Studies on information scent also appear limited to textual cues for vision and do not seem to consider other senses or modalities such as sound.’
    • ‘Other tools include ways to spread activation by using labels with strong information scent so that paths are more attractive and lead to richer patches of information.’
    • ‘Usability testing is for enhancing and improving site navigation and information scents - often best used during the prototype phase.’
    • ‘The lessons for information architects (as they like to be called) are clear: populate your sites with strong but un-confusing information scents.’
    1. 1.1The perceived usefulness of a website based on visual or textual cues.
      ‘The mechanisms supporting information scent likely draw on the semantic networks that are unique to each individual.’
      • ‘This paper proposes two ways of measuring user perceptions of information scent in order to assess the product quality of Web or Internet information retrieval systems.’
      • ‘Jared Spool has talked at great lengths about the idea of information scent, basically giving the user an idea of what lies behind a link before they click it.’
      • ‘Look at it this way, wayfinding and findability are the two sides of information scent.’