Definición de informavore en Inglés


Pronunciación /inˈfôrməˌvôr/ /ɪnˈfɔrməˌvɔr/


  • A consumer of information.

    ‘I was pleased to read today about treating web visitors as informavores - foragers for information.’
    • ‘If we are truly committed to student-centered learning, then empowering students to become effective informavores is a worthy goal.’
    • ‘If they're right, their results could help others design websites and search tools that are as alluring to informavores as flowers are to bees.’
    • ‘Put simply, the key point is that our biology means that "we are designed by evolution to be informavores - epistemically hungry seekers of information.’
    • ‘Informavores will keep clicking as long as they sense (to mix metaphors) that they're "getting warmer" -- the scent must keep getting stronger and stronger.’


From informa(tion) + -vore.