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‘Biotech is booming, and infotech is post-boom, but in chemistry (my field) and other basic sciences the trend has been down for a while.’
  • ‘One of the main messages is that biotech and cognotech are likely to be a lot less disruptive than infotech over the next thirty years.’
  • ‘Young Indian entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the infotech revolution, whether in Silicon Valley, Bangalore or Hyderabad.’
  • ‘The infotech boom that Bangalore witnessed has made it India's Silicon Valley, but this high profile tag has come at a very high cost.’
  • ‘But ironically it could be the best of times for the Indian infotech sector, which has been witnessing annual growth of 50 per cent in recent years.’
  • ‘The infotech sector in the country is expected to sustain the momentum in the coming quarters as Indian IT firms enter new markets and gain business.’
  • ‘Where once IT was something apart, today every company is an infotech enterprise.’
  • ‘A top infotech executive has savaged his industry rivals, saying they have only themselves to blame for the cash crisis many of them face.’
  • ‘There is a story in India about a bureaucrat asking a businessman what the government can do to push the infotech industry.’
  • ‘The fastest innovation will be driven by the convergence of four power tools - nanotech, biotech, infotech, and cognitive science.’
  • ‘What new tools to improve human performance will emerge from the convergence of nanotech, biotech, infotech and cognitive science?’
  • ‘It is designed to provide a world-class environment for infotech, biotech, precision engineering and electronics.’
  • ‘Automation of infotech infrastructure services and business processes is set to result in significant job losses in developed countries starting next year, a study forecast yesterday.’
  • ‘All across Asia, the lessons of the Crisis, globalization, infotech and restructuring are fast being learned, even by the most established, conservative groups around.’
  • ‘These automated genetic probes promise to transform our lives as much as microchips did through infotech.’
  • ‘Today, while the city's infotech companies and its richer citizens who live in apartments have made their own captive power arrangements, it is ordinary citizens who continue to suffer in darkness.’
  • ‘According to a news report, a recent move by the United Kingdom Home Office to remove infotech professionals from its skill shortage occupational list is a cause for concern in India.’
  • ‘Germany was hoping to replicate the successful American example when it opened its doors earlier this year to overseas infotech professionals.’



/ˈinfōˌtek/ /ˈɪnfoʊˌtɛk/