Definition of infralapsarian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinfrəˌlapˈserēən/ /ˌɪnfrəˌlæpˈsɛriən/


  • A Calvinist holding the view that God's election of only some to everlasting life was not originally part of the divine plan, but a consequence of the Fall of Man.

    ‘The Infralapsarians had the advantage of being able to use, or abuse, for the purpose of argument, the texts of Scripture and the Fathers which establish the dogma of original sin.’
    • ‘The infralapsarians, however, objected that this order made the fall a kind of upward step to the fulfilling of God's redemptive purposes.’


  • Relating to the infralapsarians or their doctrine.

    ‘John Calvin's own position is often disputed, and subsequent Calvinism was frequently infralapsarian, although supralapsarianism has been revived recently.’
    • ‘One of the leading motives in the supralapsarian scheme is to emphasize the idea of discrimination and to push this idea into the whole of God’s dealings with men.’


Mid 18th century from infra- ‘below’ + Latin lapsus ‘fall’+ -arian.