Definition of infrangible in English:


Pronunciation /inˈfranjəbəl/ /ɪnˈfrændʒəbəl/


  • Unbreakable; inviolable.

    ‘there is no infrangible genetic prescription of human behavior’
    • ‘But, not for the first time, I'd underestimated the children's resilience and adaptability; and their infrangible curiosity.’
    • ‘Thus he stressed that his will to defend every inch of Soviet-held territory to the last drop of blood of the last Red Army infantryman was infrangible.’
    • ‘It was cumulative and continuous, suggesting an open-ended adventure in social learning where no type was infrangible.’
    • ‘This right is infrangible, untouchable.’
    unbreakable, shatterproof, non-breakable


Late 16th century from French, or from medieval Latin infrangibilis, from in- ‘not’ + frangibilis (see frangible).