Definition of infraorder in English:



  • A taxonomic category that ranks below a suborder.

    ‘Glaessner employed the classification scheme of Moore and McConnick that included 66 families of fossil and extant decapods arrayed in 18 superfamilies, 8 infraorders, and 2 suborders.’
    • ‘A large clade composed of taxa from the infraorders Anomura, Thalassinidea, and Brachyura is defined at node 54.’
    • ‘Our analysis places them as a basal clade in the infraorder based on a cervical groove that does not cross the midline of the carapace and the loss of the fractosternate condition.’
    • ‘Our phylogenetic analysis demonstrates that glyphcoids are legitimate members of the infraorder Astacidea and defines their relationship to other taxa within the clade.’
    • ‘The more familiar spiders are grouped into the suborder Opisthothelae, which is itself divided into two infraorders.’



/ˈinfrəˌôrdər/ /ˈɪnfrəˌɔrdər/