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See infuriating

as submodifier ‘the truth is infuriatingly hard to pin down’
  • ‘The notion of a service culture remains infuriatingly alien to many Scots.’
  • ‘‘Hallo, I'm on the train,’ is not an infuriatingly redundant communication but a genuine expression of how well mobiles mesh with our lifestyles.’
  • ‘Ezzie remained infuriatingly silent after that.’
  • ‘A buddy back in those days, who loved to sound off about rock music in an infuriatingly cerebral way, was fond of peddling the theory that the genre could be cleaved into two distinct halves.’
  • ‘No, it is as if these arguments have never been uttered before and have the full force of moral righteousness even though it is, to our eyes, infuriatingly absurd.’



/inˈfyo͝orēˌādiNGlē/ /ɪnˈfjʊriˌeɪdɪŋli/