Definition of ingeniously in English:


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  • In a clever, original, and inventive manner.

    ‘rooms ingeniously designed to withstand the most devastating earthquakes’
    • ‘The floors themselves are concrete, held between an ingeniously engineered steel cage.’
    • ‘Internally, the spaces are ingeniously linked without compromising the integrity of the cottage.’
    • ‘On the whole, the problems this raised were dealt with ingeniously.’
    • ‘It is all the same substance ingeniously manipulated to appear different.’
    • ‘The film ingeniously compares notorious examples of bad corporate behavior to a list of psychiatric symptoms.’
    • ‘This ingeniously engineered retractable roof over a courtyard attached to an 18th-century theater brings the space into use all year round.’
    • ‘The set, ingeniously I thought, used several different levels and angles to give a real sense of the hills and depths of the fictional seaside town.’
    • ‘It is ingeniously named, for it looks just as a cross would look if it looked like something else.’
    • ‘The biggest mystery is why nobody ever thought of this ingeniously entertaining premise before.’
    • ‘Theatrical farce is ingeniously used as a tool to explore the complex depths of Freud's subconscious, especially his imagined guilt.’



/inˈjēnyəslē/ /ɪnˈdʒinjəsli/