Definition of ingoing in English:



  • Going into or toward a particular place.

    ‘the paths of ingoing and outgoing rays’
    • ‘1030 comes around and we board a bus that takes us to the ingoing / outgoing processing terminal.’
    • ‘Airline employees have been given leaves of absence as ingoing and outgoing flights are cancelled.’
    • ‘The geometry of RNA-P-DNA complex on a nucleosome is certainly different from the simple loop case, as ingoing and outgoing DNA from RNA-P enclose a rather soft, yet preferential angle.’
    • ‘Regardless, this is different from the old days when a single computer typically couldn't keep up with the processor overhead required to inspect all ingoing and outgoing packets for a large network.’
    • ‘This would disrupt all ingoing and outgoing Web proxy requests until the service was restarted.’
    • ‘But each tile has more outgoing bumps than ingoing bumps, and this ‘imbalance’ produces a contradiction.’
    • ‘Because the head drum is spinning at an angle, the ingoing and outgoing guide heights are very critical.’
    • ‘President Robertson has already called for a nationwide lockdown on all ingoing and outgoing travel and commerce.’
    • ‘As a result, we're expected to carry supplies, dispatches and both ingoing and outgoing personnel by the tonne and perform a medical evacuation service.’
    • ‘In other news, my bank statement has arrived, with a startling 15 quid being my total ingoing for the month of February.’
    • ‘On 13 September, 1993, the claimants wrote to the landlord enclosing ‘a list of works to be performed by ourselves as ingoing tenants and the landlord’.’
    • ‘The outgoing DNA path is perturbed out of the plane due to the interaction with the ingoing DNA (and vice versa in a symmetrical manner).’
    towards the inside, going in, ingoing



/ˈinˌɡōiNG/ /ˈɪnˌɡoʊɪŋ/