Definition of inhalator in English:



  • A device for inhaling something, especially oxygen; a respirator; an inhaler.

    ‘They have devised an ultrasound hydrogen peroxide vapor inhalator that allows oxygen radicals to be generated and breathed in.’
    • ‘A special form of apparatus, the H-H inhalator, for the administration of a mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide to asphyxiated patients was, therefore, devised and has been widely introduced.’
    • ‘While the tobacco industry does make large profits, they are nothing compared with that of the pharmaceutical industry, which would do well out of any smoking ban due to increased sales of nicotine patches, inhalators and similar items.’
    • ‘As for the direction, an asthma attack is shown getting instant relief from a pink inhalator.’



/ˈinhəˌlādər/ /ˈɪnhəˌleɪdər/