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Pronunciation /inˈhālər/ /ɪnˈheɪlər/


  • A portable device for administering a drug which is to be breathed in, used for relieving asthma and other bronchial or nasal congestion.

    • ‘Now diagnosed, Kirsten is on medication and uses an inhaler to help her breathe.’
    • ‘Medicines that can cause palpitations include asthma inhalers and decongestants.’
    • ‘The most common asthma inhalers, also known as bronchodilators, contain the drug albuterol.’
    • ‘Text messaging alerts can also be useful to remind women to take their contraceptive pills or people with asthma to use their inhalers.’
    • ‘Press down on the inhaler to release medication as you start to breathe in slowly.’
    • ‘Nicotine replacement products are available as gum, patches, inhalers, nasal sprays or lozenges.’
    • ‘These products come in several forms: gum, patches, inhalers and nasal spray.’
    • ‘What are the best inhalers and can a primary care physician prescribe them or does it need to be done by a specialist?’
    • ‘The drug is a legally prescribed element within inhalers taken by asthma sufferers.’
    • ‘If you have any side effects from the inhaler, be sure to tell your doctor right away.’
    • ‘She has asthma and has been prescribed a preventive inhaler to use daily, plus a reliever to use if necessary.’
    • ‘The lung deposition achieved with different inhalers depends on particle size as well as inhaler technique.’
    • ‘It is important to know how to use inhalers properly so that the drugs reach the air tubes and are not just deposited in the mouth or throat.’
    • ‘She did not mind who knew that she had asthma or that she used inhalers.’
    • ‘There are many ways to control asthma and inhalers are only one.’
    • ‘Members who use inhalers or have asthma should contact their doctors if they have questions.’
    • ‘You should also check regularly to make sure there's plenty of medicine left in the inhaler.’
    • ‘He tore open the package and produced the inhaler, a device he would get very used to in the coming years.’
    • ‘He jogged back to his car and drove away, ignoring his wheezing need for his asthma inhaler.’
    • ‘Horus gasped, chest heaving as he fumbled in his pocket in search of his asthma inhaler.’



/inˈhālər/ /ɪnˈheɪlər/