Definition of inharmonic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinhärˈmänik/ /ˌɪnhɑrˈmɑnɪk/


  • Not harmonic.

    ‘We set the relative frequency of the six oscillators to values which result in inharmonic frequencies.’
    • ‘Output 46 provides a signal with an adjusted resonant frequency, minus the inharmonic tones.’
    • ‘Why base a music on the harmonic series and employ inharmonic instruments to realise it?’
    • ‘Acoustically, this is an important distinction because each ratio produces an inharmonic or inharmonic timbre - a property usable compositionally.’
    • ‘We wanted to use equal temperament with wholeness by creating equal-tempered partials but we have also achieved a way of using inharmonic sounds with integrity.’