Definition of inhibin in English:



  • A gonadal hormone which inhibits the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone, under consideration as a potential male contraceptive.

    ‘More recently, a placental hormone, dimeric inhibin, has been reported elevated in DS and, if included in the screening protocol, will increase the detection rate of DS to 80%.’
    • ‘They were focally positive for gastrin, somatostatin, and pancreatic polypeptide but tested negative for glucagon, serotonin, insulin, and inhibin.’
    • ‘Induction of matrix receptor and inhibin may facilitate the inflammatory reaction in sepsis.’
    • ‘These observations suggest that inhibin is a potent regulator of FSH secretion, even in the presence of high concentrations of 17 [beta] estradiol and progesterone.’
    • ‘Internal controls of PAS, synaptophysin, inhibin, and chromogranin in the adrenal medulla were positive.’



/inˈhibin/ /ɪnˈhɪbɪn/


1930s from Latin inhibere ‘hinder’+ -in.