Definition of inhibitor in English:



  • 1A thing which inhibits someone or something.

    ‘The tort threat and the threat of criminal prosecution after a crime has been committed are the most reliable inhibitors of criminal aggression.’
    • ‘Why don't we just put speed inhibitors in all new cars?’
    • ‘When those rust inhibitors lose their effectiveness, the inside of the radiator can start to corrode.’
    • ‘But in the end these elements only really came into play in the final episode and they weren't really inhibitors.’
    • ‘Perhaps motorcycles should be compulsorily fitted with speed inhibitors.’
    • ‘The lack of enterprise space in the town is a major inhibitor to the development of new businesses.’
    • ‘"The fear of failure is a large inhibitor to risk-taking, creative thought and behaviour," she said.’
    • ‘‘We do not see the initial cost of the deal as an inhibitor to longer-term shareholder returns,’ he said.’
    • ‘I discovered that an inhibitor on the pace of progress was that every retired respiratory specialist in the country was already working flat-out.’
    • ‘Such a move could often be viewed as a capital inhibitor.’
    • ‘It's an inhibitor, a barrier that we don't feel we need here in Chippenham.’
    • ‘What's different, at least for journalists in Iraq today, is that the viciousness and brutality is a much greater inhibitor to work.’
    • ‘Legal rules may well be used presentationally, rather than being operational working rules or inhibitors.’
    1. 1.1A substance which slows down or prevents a particular chemical reaction or other process or which reduces the activity of a particular reactant, catalyst, or enzyme.
      ‘Moreover, inhibition of the cysteine protease activity by chemical inhibitors suppressed the leaf senescence process.’
      • ‘Enzyme inhibitors traditionally target the active site by matching its steric, hydrogen binding, and charge constraints.’
      • ‘Maturation induced by xanthine oxidase was prevented by allopurinol, an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase activity, and by N-acetylcysteine.’
      • ‘The underlying mechanisms by which angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors prevent vascular events have been discussed widely.’
      • ‘Several nucleoside-based inhibitors of these viral enzymes, including that of the HIV virus, also typically show modest inhibition of telomere synthesis.’
    2. 1.2Genetics A gene whose presence prevents the expression of some other gene at a different locus.
      ‘No mutations were detected associated with resistance to multinucleoside or nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors, such as Q151M or insertions at codon 69.’
      • ‘These data indicate the importance of the beta-globin control for signaling either the presence of an inhibitor or insufficient DNA template for amplification.’
      • ‘Note that saline scored better in this test despite having a lower yield, suggesting the presence of an amplification inhibitor in the DNA derived from Listermint.’
      • ‘Mixing studies should be performed to differentiate between a factor deficiency and the presence of an inhibitor.’
      • ‘Genetic screens have successfully identified a number of different growth promoters and growth inhibitors in Drosophila.’



/inˈhibədər/ /ɪnˈhɪbədər/