Definition of inhomogeneous in English:



  • 1Not uniform in character or content; diverse.

    ‘The main problems to overcome by current diagnostic tools are very low signals, due to small protein contents and/or optically inhomogeneous media.’
    • ‘Here, we discuss the new methods as well as additional analysis tools we developed to analyze the inhomogeneous and topological properties of large DNA systems bound to proteins.’
    • ‘The applicability of the theory can be improved by considering inhomogeneous densities in all three dimensions.’
    • ‘It was not possible to accurately derive diffusion constants directly from the measured recovery times, due to the inhomogeneous distribution of microtubules in three dimensions.’
    • ‘However, for thicker samples, quantification using emission ratio imaging is complicated by wavelength-dependent inhomogeneous absorption and scattering as the fluorescence light leaves the skin sample in its path to the detector.’
    • ‘However, in the cell, molecular behavior is very inhomogeneous: even molecules of single species interact stochastically with distinct molecules or cellular structures in a variety of local environments.’
    • ‘A computed tomographic scan revealed a large vascular tumor in the distal pancreas that was inhomogeneous and suggestive of multiple, very small cysts.’
    • ‘An increase in inhomogeneous broadening from heterogeneous water distribution and an increased resolution of hydrated and dehydrated states are to be expected.’
    • ‘The primary applications of density functional theory in inhomogeneous systems are concerned with electrolytes near a highly charged plane or hard-sphere fluids in a cavity, neither of which is directly relevant to ion channels.’
    • ‘Such inhomogeneous distribution within the membrane would induce an inhomogeneous increase of the lateral pressure profile which, in turn, would specifically affect the activity of membrane proteins.’
    • ‘This is a more ‘global’ way of determining diffusion constants as the protein is dragged a long way compared with its size through parts of the membrane, which could be inhomogeneous.’
    • ‘In this context, it has to be noted that in the interior of the consensus model inhomogeneities in its density distribution can only occur if the distributions of the individual models themselves are inhomogeneous.’
    • ‘An explanation for this may lie in the inhomogeneous nature of tumors that often have a necrotic center that can represent up to 50-60% of the tumors' weight.’
    • ‘To keep the discussion simple, Fig.3 neglects contributions to a random forcing landscape other than those produced by the simple conversion of chemical energy along an inhomogeneous track.’
    • ‘The small spot size of the excitation laser allows us to detect these variations; a measurement with a laser having a 50-m spot would deliver an inhomogeneous broadened spectrum.’
    • ‘Among the remainder were embryos that arrested at various stages of development with many having an inhomogeneous density of nuclei.’
    • ‘However, in practically important cases of inhomogeneous pores, as in this study, this approach gives an order of magnitude estimate only.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Consisting of terms that are not all of the same degree or dimensions.



/inˌhōməˈjēnēəs/ /ɪnˌhoʊməˈdʒiniəs/