Definición de inhume en Inglés


Pronunciación /inˈ(h)yo͞om/ /ɪnˈ(h)jum/

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verbo transitivo

[con objeto]literario
  • Bury.

    ‘no hand his bones shall gather or inhume’
    • ‘It is known that over 5,000 Sarmatians from this area came to Britain after the Marcomannic wars in AD 175; but it is unlikely that the people at Brougham were Sarmatians, as the latter inhumed their dead.’
    • ‘Birth and death, however, collide in a remarkable way in a number of tombs in the Greek world in which a woman is found inhumed or cremated together with a fetus or neonate.’
    • ‘It was the living that inhumed the dead, after all.’
    inter, lay to rest, consign to the grave, entomb
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Early 17th century from Latin inhumare, from in- ‘into’ + humus ‘ground’.