Definición de inimitability en Inglés


Pronunciación /iˌnimədəˈbilədē/ /ɪˌnɪmədəˈbɪlədi/


See inimitable

‘With its imminent departure from the scene and the rise of a digital photography - combining disposable immediacy but dispensing with tactile inimitability - the time has come for a re-evaluation of the Polaroid snapshot.’
  • ‘The other view was that the inimitability of the Koran was intrinsic: its literary perfection was such that no one on earth could hope to imitate it.’
  • ‘Perhaps, keeping with the inimitability of the man's life and work, this is only appropriate.’
  • ‘It succeeds on all fronts and is a lasting tribute to the inimitability of the classic series.’
  • ‘Muslims consider the Quran itself to be a miracle because of the inimitability of its style and language.’