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transitive verb

(also British initialise)
[with object]Computing
  • 1often be initialized toSet to the value or put in the condition appropriate to the start of an operation.

    ‘the counter is initialized to one’
    • ‘Instead, the/dev directory is created when the operating system is initialized on the machine, populating the/dev directory with all known possible names.’
    • ‘The squad table is initialized to a reasonable set of default values.’
    • ‘A pointer that you use to iterate in a buffer also has value semantics - you initialize it to point to the beginning of the buffer, and you bump it until you reach the end.’
    • ‘During playback, artificial headers are injected as appropriate for initializing the decoder for playback of the complex asset.’
    • ‘Because the hooks are embedded in the kernel and are called even before a security module is installed, this structure is initialized to a set of functions provided by a dummy security module.’
    operate, switch on, turn on, start, start off, start up, set going, get going, trigger off, trigger, trip, set in motion, actuate, initiate, initialize, energize, animate
  • 2Format (a computer disk).

    ‘The second issue was a recent case where I was using a 925 board to build a media center box and the driver disk refused to initialize.’
    • ‘The disc may be initialized without a SSA for real-time video and audio recording and use of a cartridge.’



/iˈniSHəˌlīz/ /ɪˈnɪʃəˌlaɪz/