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‘But there is a display dedicated to future methods, containing research-stage items such as the male pill, further injectables and high-tech ovulation thermometers.’
  • ‘The company's specialty pharmaceutical products include generic injectables used in such areas as anesthesia, cardiovascular, infectious diseases and pain management.’
  • ‘The mother of all injectables, Botox, is not a filler as such: it's a toxin that paralyses facial muscles and smooths wrinkles.’
  • ‘More than 100 drug addicts were monitored by the Substance Misuse Directorate on different treatments to find out if injectable heroin was more effective than giving addicts methadone tablets.’
  • ‘In the past, these studies have used injectable testosterone as the form of male contraception.’



/inˈjektəb(ə)l/ /ɪnˈdʒɛktəb(ə)l/