Definition of injuriously in English:



See injurious

‘‘The important thing is that we recognise that work can be stressful, but should not be injuriously so,’ he said.’
  • ‘It is not necessary, in my judgment, to prove that every member of the class has been injuriously affected; it is sufficient to show that a representative cross-section of the class has so been affected for an injunction to issue.’
  • ‘Let us assume for the purposes of debate that the case is one where, if a stay does not go, the subject matter of the litigation will be so injuriously affected as to amount effectively to its destruction.’
  • ‘In the event that you agree your client's land has not been injuriously affected other than in respect of any settlement damage then I would be grateful if you could also confirm this by return.’
  • ‘These two fables are a warning to us not to deal hardly or injuriously by somebody who can defend himself by dealing hardly or injuriously with us.’