Definition of inkblot in English:



  • A dark mark or stain made by ink.

    ‘a huge inkblot on paper’
    • ‘He aimed to stimulate the intellect and the visual imagination by the use of ink blots to be developed into different types of invented landscapes.’
    • ‘It just looked like an inkblot if I was being honest, but I could make out a few numbers.’
    • ‘The therapist must not make reference to the inkblot in interpreting the patient's responses.’
    • ‘What empirical tests have been done to demonstrate that any given interpretation of an inkblot is indicative of any past behavior or predictive of any future behavior?’
    • ‘If you had an amendment that says "Congress shall make no" and then there is an ink blot, I do not think the court can make up what the rest of it might be.’
    • ‘Imagine a war won, not by advancing the front, but by scattered, spreading ink blots slowly merging together.’
    • ‘The illustrator creates a daily monster and urges all his visitors to do likewise, beginning with a spidery ink blot that you download then elaborate in whatever medium you choose.’
    • ‘The ink blot remains the same.’
    • ‘As her head began to fall, she jerked awake and found that she had made a large inkblot in the middle of the paper.’
    • ‘He picked a piece of paper off the floor with little fingerprints and inkblots on it.’