Definition of inker in English:



See ink

  • ‘Sheldon also worked directly for DC Comics, often as an inker of Curt Swan's art for Superman, and worked for Kane as a designer of his 1960 cartoon series, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.’
  • ‘Soon after, he became Jack Kirby's inker and later went on to a tidy career with Disney where, among other duties, he was the main designer of Winnie the Pooh stuff for the Disney Stores.’
  • ‘He began working as a background inker on the comic book Ghost Rider.’
  • ‘When artwork is returned from a comic book, the penciller gets two thirds of the pages, the inker the remaining third.’
  • ‘Comic book publishers cancelled series and the writers, pencillers, and inkers they employed suddenly found themselves struggling to find work in an industry that had only recently welcomed them in with open arms and fat wallets.’