Definition of inkhorn in English:



  • 1 historical A small portable container for ink.

    ‘Dipping the quill into a marble inkhorn, he leaned over the journal.’
    • ‘The diarist John Evelyn describes Bacon at ease in his garden accompanied by a servant with inkhorn and quill to record his thoughts.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting pedantic words or expressions used only in academic writing.
      ‘I will avoid many of the inkhorn terms coined by the narratologists’
      • ‘The objection to inkhorn terms was a largely irrational and emotive reaction by conservatives against the sudden increase in English vocabulary derived from classical sources which was taking place at this time.’
      • ‘He saw no need to write a poetry out of anachronistic myths, inkhorn lingos, and prissy poetic forms.’
      • ‘He is an anti-academic who coins such inkhorn words as "muliebrity," and who expects his readers to know an Immelmann turn when they see one, whether or not they are amateurs of air combat during the first World War.’



/ˈiNGkhôrn/ /ˈɪŋkhɔrn/