Definition of inkiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈiNGkēnəs/ /ˈɪŋkinəs/


See inky

  • ‘Feel the depth of her gooey blackness - the inkiness of the ocean bottom with predators of shiny eyes and hooks on their body looming around her.’
  • ‘The newest member in the 908th Expeditionary Refueling Squadron, she struggled to control her nerves as the newly trained boom operator refueled fighter aircraft over a war zone - in the inkiness of night - for the first time.’
  • ‘There are also some scenes where the blacks are a bit dark and oversaturated, leading to an inkiness and loss of definition in some scenes.’
  • ‘Faces are hidden behind masks and by the inkiness of the night so identity is uncertain.’
  • ‘The orange ball of fire sank beneath the vast sea of inkiness as the sky blushed a deep red.’



/ˈiNGkēnəs/ /ˈɪŋkinəs/