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inkjet printer

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  • A printer in which the characters are formed by minute jets of ink.

    ‘For today, inkjet cartridges in low-priced printer provide the average household with all the affordable printing from their inkjet printer they need.’
    • ‘The advantage of this process is the fact that a print is not made up of individual pixels, as with an inkjet printer, which makes the image appear far less pixelated, at least, in theory.’
    • ‘Now it's even easier to configure your inkjet printer to get more accurate colour printing.’
    • ‘Viscosity is a word that you will rarely see mentioned on ink cartridge sites, still it is a very important word when it comes to purchasing the appropriate ink for your inkjet printer.’
    • ‘When shopping for an inkjet printer you should ensure that you take into account the cost and availability of replacement inkjet cartridges.’
    • ‘In fact, if the book is long enough, and you're using an inkjet printer, you're probably paying nearly as much just in ink and paper costs.’
    • ‘We had a particularly pleasing customer the last few days, who bought a cheap inkjet printer which was more than enough for his needs.’
    • ‘As we'll see, however, the price of an inkjet printer is of little importance in the final cost analysis.’
    • ‘The inkjet printer is a popular choice for printing and is used in a variety of settings worldwide.’
    • ‘I own a few guitars that they can have and an old inkjet printer.’
    • ‘A special inkjet printer squirts the date onto the label as it moves past the print head.’
    • ‘Miller uses an inkjet printer to print out his compositions.’
    • ‘But not everybody has an inkjet printer capable of printing photos.’
    • ‘With a color inkjet printer, you can immediately print out your images, or you can quickly import them into an image-editing program to crop, color correct, or otherwise improve them.’
    • ‘The program includes a color inkjet printer, which features art-quality resolution, to each elementary, middle and high school in the district.’
    • ‘What is different today is the awed hush over the assembled crowd as it witnesses an amazing technological marvel: A land record copy being spewed out by an inkjet printer.’
    • ‘He invested in a digital video camera with an eye to making video, but found himself fascinated by enlarging still images on multiple pieces of paper on his inkjet printer.’
    • ‘And I can buy a new inkjet printer for less than half that.’
    • ‘It was too bad someone had just borrowed my color inkjet printer, so I was unable to find out the actual print quality of this camera.’
    • ‘To be quite honest, I've seen better prints come from an inkjet printer.’


inkjet printer

/ˈiNGk ˌjet ˌprin(t)ər/ /ˈɪŋk ˌdʒɛt ˌprɪn(t)ər/