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  • A container for ink typically housed in a hole in a desk.

    ‘I can still see the little wooden desks and their clotted inkwells as we reached 12 times 12, which is, I can assure you, 144.’
    • ‘Girls with long plaits sometimes had the ends dunked in the inkwells of the desks behind!’
    • ‘Each desk had an inkwell and the children wrote by dipping their pens into the ink.’
    • ‘He stood his quill pen in a rack on the desk, beside an inkwell.’
    • ‘A business-like quill stands in an inkwell built into an ingenious drawer of her slender rosewood desk.’
    • ‘It has rows of old style desks with seats attached, old fashioned inkwells, photographs of King Edward VIII and Queen Alexandra on the wall, and an old-fashioned globe with British colonies shown in red.’
    • ‘The ceramic was also used for inkwells, match holders, flowerpots, and tobacco pipes.’
    • ‘On top of it, they had placed a silver inkwell and pen tray, which was also brand-new from Liberty's.’
    • ‘Computer hard drives and printers are a far cry from the nib pens and inkwells of Fairymount National School 100 years ago.’
    • ‘I wrote a couple more about my mother thinking my room was like a bombsite and putting ink into the boys' inkwells before an arithmetic test.’
    • ‘We even had to use inkwells which were filled on a regular basis by Sister Madeleine and her big bottle of midnight blue ink.’
    • ‘Shelley may have sharpened his quills, topped off the inkwell.’
    • ‘It pokes fun at the postal service by showing a group of post office ‘scribes’ with pens in their hands seated around an enormous inkwell.’
    • ‘She pointed to one of the glass cabinets, where an inkwell was, indeed, on display.’
    • ‘A sealed inkwell sat beside a small wooden box, just large enough to hold a few quills.’
    • ‘Before another door in the wall to his left, opening onto a broad balcony, was a well-worn desk, covered with a blotter, a neat stack of parchments, inkwells, a small rack of reed pens, a small waterclock, and other paraphernalia.’
    • ‘Almost all the objects were made in France and England and are either functional, like vase-shaped inkwells or perfume burners, or they incorporate vases in their decoration.’
    • ‘He replaced his quill in the inkwell and again looked up at the two.’
    • ‘Holly dipped the quill into a golden inkwell near the till and filled in her name, address and school onto the little card.’
    • ‘I threw the book on the floor and picked up my inkwell and feather pen, then walked down the stairs to our Dining hall.’



/ˈiNGkˌwel/ /ˈɪŋkˌwɛl/