Definition of inlier in English:



  • An older rock formation isolated among newer rocks.

    ‘At the base of the erosional hollow, an inlier of Jurassic rocks crops out below the late Cimmerian unconformity.’
    • ‘These rocks do not, however, crop out as a continuous mountain range but in isolated inliers, many of which were uplifted during the Tertiary in response to Alpine movements.’
    • ‘However, it is thought that the Lower Palaeozoic inliers to the southeast (Kildare and Leinster Massif) were emergent at the time of mineralization.’
    • ‘Within the Caledonian Moine nappe of NW Scotland there are a number of basement (presumed Lewisian) inliers, the largest of which is the Glenelg-Attadale Inlier.’
    • ‘In the central and eastern parts of the range, the northern margin is also sharply defined, but separates bedrock from glacial and alluvial sediments or bedrock inliers.’



/ˈinˌlīər/ /ˈɪnˌlaɪər/


Mid 19th century from in, on the pattern of outlier.