Definition of innately in English:


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  • As an inborn characteristic; naturally.

    ‘he says females are innately predisposed to learn about people and their emotions’
    • ‘innately flawed policies’
    • ‘These images, like all translations, are innately ambiguous in authorship.’
    • ‘Rationalist architects similarly looked abroad to forge an innately Italian style for mass culture exhibitions.’
    • ‘I think round shapes communicate more innately with the viewer.’
    • ‘People innately need to trust something.’
    • ‘There is just something innately draining about watching a full-size actor waddle on his knees for the sake of a supposed belly laugh.’
    • ‘No technology is innately evil, nor is it innately good.’
    • ‘The fatalistic view on the matter of the universe is not popular to our mind—we innately love life, every moment of it.’
    • ‘The basis of the theory is that man is an innately social creature—we are more like horses than goats.’
    • ‘There's nothing innately wrong with any of this.’
    • ‘I think we are innately suspicious of this kind of rapid cognition.’



/iˈnātlē/ /ɪˈneɪtli/