Definition of innateness in English:



See innate

‘In reality, plasticity and innateness are almost logically separate.’
  • ‘The reader not only has a thorough overview of the arguments for innateness based on linguistic analyses of syntactic structures, but the issue is reworked from several other angles as well.’
  • ‘Relatively little attention is given to his interesting doctrines of innateness, or, more generally, his ontology of thought.’
  • ‘Empiricists may look to the historical connection between Spain and the Netherlands, but in this case, my money's on innateness.’
  • ‘Thirdly, the findings of this book also have important ramifications for current thinkings about universals, innateness, and learnability.’



/iˈnātnəs/ /ɪˈneɪtnəs/