Definition of inner light in English:

inner light


in singular
  • Personal spiritual revelation; a source of enlightenment within oneself.

    ‘My second catalyst patiently taught me how to center the whole being of the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body so that the inner light began to appear.’
    • ‘On holy days you try to engage the spirit to find your way to the inner light, as Quakers say.’
    • ‘Quaker teaching has frequently emphasized the inner working of Christ in the believer's soul, the inner light which guides and illuminates the devout life.’
    • ‘The monistic or meditative way is to turn within in meditation, go deep into the lotus of the heart and experience our inner self, our inner light, our spiritual energy.’
    • ‘Integrity should shine forth from all who follow Jesus like a steady inner light, illuminating all that is said and done.’
    • ‘Too much humility also throws a veil across the inner light of the soul.’
    • ‘As soon as we cease to react, we have for the first time the vision of the inner light.’
    • ‘A faint golden aura seemed to permeate the young man's body, as if it were glowing with an inner light of holiness.’
    • ‘She seems frail and weak, though an inner light burns in her - some kind of vital spirit that makes her more than pretty, but actually beautiful.’
    • ‘Seeing Rebekah's face turn a bright red, but still radiating with an inner light, Allison knew exactly what had happened.’
    • ‘She curled up, looking at him with piercing azure eyes that sparkled with an inner light, a feminine innocence, and fear.’
    • ‘Her long eyelashes seemed to have tiny jewels on the ends, and her face appeared to glow with an inner light.’
    • ‘Her eyes seemed larger and shown with an inner light, an innocence that her physical age denied.’
    • ‘His eyes opened, revealing cold blue orbs, sparkling with an inner light.’
    • ‘He would have to glow with God's inner light.’
    • ‘They too have seen the light of what awaits us once we fully remember who we once were, unlocking the mind and spirit and with it, our own inner light!’
    • ‘It is a firm belief that this inner light can be kindled to brilliance through yogic practices.’
    • ‘His hazel eyes seemed to reflect some inner light.’
    • ‘Her eyes had always shone with some inner light, especially when she laughed, and her expression had always been open and passionate.’
    • ‘No where could see that inner light more than in her smile.’


inner light

/ˈinər līt/ /ˈɪnər laɪt/


Mid 19th century originally in Quaker doctrine.