Definition of inner man in English:

inner man


in singular
  • 1A man's soul or mind.

    ‘the complexities of the inner man’
    • ‘Successful confrontation management begins and ends not with selection, but deep within the confines of the mind, the inner man.’
    • ‘As he bears his soul with his inner man, he finds that the majority of his life is meaningless.’
    • ‘And since the human is more than a physical entity of body and senses, a full education must extend to the inner man of the intellect.’
    • ‘Thirdly, the centrality and supremacy of Christ will not be a reality without the Holy Spirit's control of the inner man.’
    • ‘The outer man is decaying through the trials of life, while the inner man is being strengthened through the same trials.’
    1. 1.1 humorous A man's stomach.
      ‘the inner man was well catered for with pizza’
      • ‘While she was opening the Tupperware, I was feeding the inner man with bacon and scrambled eggs in the stylish dining room at Taplow House, a few miles away.’
      • ‘Ample food and a couple of flasks of coffee or tea are also a good idea to sustain the inner man during the long periods afloat.’


inner man

/ˈinər ˌman/ /ˈɪnər ˌmæn/