Definition of inner planet in English:

inner planet


  • A planet whose orbit lies within the asteroid belt, i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, or Mars.

    ‘A planetary transit is like an eclipse of the Sun, with the inner planets Mercury or Venus becoming the obscuring objects, instead of the Moon.’
    • ‘The inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) all formed from the disk of gas and dust, the solar nebula, that surrounded our young sun.’
    • ‘The stage seemed set for the leap into space and colonisation of the inner planets and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn that would have unlocked the untold wealth and resources we now know to have been waiting there.’
    • ‘However, if the orbit becomes smaller and more elliptical, then asteroids can draw close to - or even collide with - the inner planets.’
    • ‘Mars is the only one of the inner planets that can be made habitable simply by changing its climate.’
    • ‘It is also known that the inner planets are dense and rocky, whereas the outer planets are composed largely of frozen gases.’
    • ‘Of the four inner planets, also known as terrestrial or rocky planets, Mercury is the smallest, oldest, and densest.’
    • ‘It is believed that eventually the sun will expand into a red giant, swallowing all of the inner planets, and destroying all life on earth.’
    • ‘But they did not simulate the inner planets - so we have no assurance that our planet is stable.’
    • ‘An inner planet that did manage to stay in orbit would have its path elongated by the interaction, subjecting the body to huge temperature swings.’
    • ‘The eighth planet from the sun, its gaseous structure contrasts with the rocky inner planets.’
    • ‘And most likely our Sun will expand into a red giant as it cools over the course of years, consuming the inner planets in its corona, before collapsing inwards on itself before its core explodes.’
    • ‘The inner planets move fast, and make repeated transit cycles over the course of a few months or years; the outer planets move much more slowly, but the contacts they do make are often very significant.’
    • ‘But as the military grew, the people of Earth were left with nothing to defend; all they could do was provide support to colonies in the inner planets.’
    • ‘Within a decade, colonies had been established on all the inner planets, and before the century was out, the entire system was colonized in some form or another.’
    • ‘I had done it, I was the first in the world to prove, beyond any doubt, that the pyramids of the Giza Necropolis were, in fact, a scale representation of the three inner planets.’
    • ‘Nevermind that security was among the best in the inner planets; the atmosphere was quiet enough for her to feel unthreatened by the locals.’
    • ‘One area of the so-called inner planets have certain characteristics.’
    • ‘The inner planets are rocky, the outer ones are gaseous and have rings.’
    • ‘Evidence of the collisions is preserved in the craters which cover the inner planets.’


inner planet

/ˈinər ˌplanət/ /ˈɪnər ˌplænət/