Definition of inner product in English:

inner product


  • A scalar function of two vectors, equal to the product of their magnitudes and the cosine of the angle between them.

    Compare with vector product

    Written as a. b or ab

    ‘The familiar example of the inner product of two vectors (tensors of rank one) is a special case of this.’
    • ‘As a criterion for such a partition, we used the sign of the inner product between the vector of left-right differences of each individual and that of the first specimen in the data set.’
    • ‘An inner product of two vectors represents the number of changes along the shared branch vectors.’
    • ‘Additionally we calculate the inner product between eigenvectors to compare the motion displayed in different simulations.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that all the usual projection theorems hold for this inner product.’


inner product

/ˈinər ˈprädəkt/ /ˈɪnər ˈprɑdəkt/