Definition of inner sanctum in English:

inner sanctum


  • 1The most sacred place in a temple or church.

    ‘In 1949, on his way to meet Yogaswami, Gurudeva had a vision of the 77-year-old sage inside Nallur Temple's inner sanctum during puja.’
    • ‘Devotees must know the position of the sun when observing their religious rituals, and their temples contain an inner sanctum in which burns a perpetual fire.’
    • ‘This recently renovated Vaishnavite Temple consists of seven concentric rectangular enclosures around the inner sanctum in a walled area of 156 acres.’
    • ‘The rest followed slowly as they made their way out of the inner sanctum of the temple.’
    • ‘Linked to the studio in the rear of the complex is a kind of oratory, somewhat analogous to the inner sanctum of an Egyptian temple, located far from the entrance and admitting only the priests.’
    • ‘To her left, the merchants who had complained of the burden of taxes in the weeks before, now sat proudly in their seats of honour in the inner sanctum of the temple.’
    • ‘From the proportions of the inner sanctum to the motifs carved into the pillars, the traditional temple takes its first form on the master's drawing board.’
    • ‘As he finished his ritual identification, silent gears dropped the floor from under him, and he descended into the temple's inner sanctum.’
    • ‘Mashira took one last look at the pitiful heap on the floor, sniffed, and gracefully left the apartments to gather all the priestesses to the inner sanctum.’
    • ‘Here you will learn that Surya is a Deity image found in many temples dedicated to Siva and that many other temples in South India were built so that the sun's rays penetrate the inner sanctum on auspicious days of the year.’
    • ‘They then entered the inner sanctum, where the assembled worshippers were anxiously querying their offspring about the status of their bladders.’
    • ‘But even they have only occasional access to the inner sanctum where the high priests officiate in seclusion.’
    • ‘From there proceed straight down this hallway to the inner sanctum.’
    • ‘Upon reaching the upper walkway Shadow could see the long hall straight ahead that led to the inner sanctum of the Citadel.’
    • ‘Remember that on the ‘proscenium arch’ above all Greek altars is painted a vivid free-floating eye that looks out to the congregation as it looks back at the inner sanctum.’
    holy place, temple, shrine, tabernacle, altar, sanctum, inner sanctum, holy of holies, sacrarium, bema, naos, adytum
    1. 1.1A private or secret place to which few other people are admitted.
      ‘he walked into the inner sanctum of the editor's office’
      • ‘There are no visitors allowed in the public galleries, the street is blocked off by barriers and you need to put your bag through an airport security machine to be admitted to the inner sanctum.’
      • ‘As if with a reclusive royal potentate, power is held by those who have access to him in his private inner sanctum.’
      • ‘It rewrote its rules to make sure outsiders weren't admitted to the inner sanctum so it could keep control of which way the medium went.’
      • ‘So have the TV cameras finally penetrated the inner sanctum of government?’
      • ‘But a ban that extends to the inner sanctum of a tobacconist shop, or a private club for that matter, is a ban too far.’
      • ‘The documentary takes viewers into the inner sanctums of both manufacturers' often secretive research arms to follow the people who lay everything on the line to get their plane first past the post.’
      • ‘A small glass box, which also acts as an informal exhibition space, forms a decompression zone between the blare of the outside world and the silent inner sanctum of the reading room.’
      • ‘From this tall luminous space, the inner sanctum of the reading room is visible across the courtyard.’
      • ‘Bob Woodward's best-selling account of decision making within the inner sanctum of U.S. leadership is revisited for a new generation in this trade paperback.’
      • ‘A discussion of sterilization versus extermination is no more fraught than, say, the back-and-forth in the inner sanctum of a tobacco company on how to fudge the cancer stats.’
      • ‘Are we really allowed into the inner sanctum of a legal genius?’
      • ‘But doubts are being raised in many quarters, including the inner sanctums of Howard's Liberal Party.’
      • ‘I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing this guy is, how incredible it is that he is capably navigating the inner sanctums of the Tennis Center while I'm struggling to find my way around the block.’
      • ‘They are disparate individuals with the style, verve, and know-how it takes to pull off A-list status in the arts media, government-funding agencies and the inner sanctums of film festivals.’
      • ‘That these highly rational, utterly left-brained executives are delving into their pasts illustrates a new strain of organizational therapy coursing through the inner sanctums of corporate power.’
      • ‘That got me thinking of the sort of dreams all wee boys have, of one day entering the inner sanctum of their football club, changing in the dressing room, then playing on the hallowed turf.’
      • ‘At the Kremlin we were met by a very Russian-looking general, taken down these huge corridors and shown into the inner sanctum.’
      innermost parts, innermost reaches, remote places, secret places, dark corners, heart, inner sanctum, interior


inner sanctum

/ˈinər ˈsaNG(k)təm/ /ˈɪnər ˈsæŋ(k)təm/