Definition of innie in English:


nounplural noun innies

(also inny)
  • A concave navel.

    • ‘belly buttons can generally be divided into innies and outies’
    • ‘Whether you sport an "innie" or "outtie" is determined at infancy.’
    • ‘So now it looks like Cal has a nice little innie.’
    • ‘It's just that my belly button was born as an innie and has no business becoming an outie, at least not without my express permission.’
    • ‘After the baby is born, the cord shrivels up and you get an innie.’
    • ‘Swimmers can easily receive an "innie" instead at a drive-thru SurgiCenter.’
    • ‘Why do some people have "innie" belly buttons and other have "outties"?’
    • ‘My belly button sticks out like an outtie but it nestled in my belly like an innie.’
    • ‘The umbilicus was relocated, defatted and sutured with 4-0 PDS sutures at the 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock positions to create an innie.’
    • ‘We thought gender might be important or age or whether a person's belly button is an innie or an outie.’



/ˈinē/ /ˈɪni/


1960s from in + -ie.