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informal British
  • Isn't it.

    • ‘it's the easiest way, innit?’
    • ‘we all want to get highly paid jobs, innit?’
    • ‘Control over evolution is the first thing an intelligence seeks to accomplish, innit?’
    • ‘It's an up and up album man… tracks 1 to 17 are my favourite innit!’
    • ‘In fact, everywhere in Manhattan seems to be booked up - it's bloody Labor Day, innit!’
    • ‘Admitting to people that you're gay takes guts and it sounds as if you're mate has definitely got some, innit!’
    • ‘It's a pretty horrific ‘general principle,’ though, innit?’
    • ‘That's the whole idea of this mutual exchange of ideas bit, innit.’
    • ‘They are baby cockroaches compared to the monsters in Gran Canaria, which have refused to die, even when I've jumped on them, so it's all relative, innit?’
    • ‘That's a lovely photo of our Eddie on the cover, innit?’
    • ‘It's Peter Sellers in ‘Being There’ all over again, innit.’
    • ‘It's quite a boost seeing that ‘Welcome to Suffolk’ sign, innit?’
    • ‘Because, you know, it's all about the shirts, innit?’
    • ‘Still, quite flattering the black and white innit.’
    • ‘Oh, and I should probably wish stuff for you too, innit?’
    • ‘Poor thing, it's all a bit embarrassing for her, innit?’
    • ‘Ooh, just like the book innit, except could we not stress the fact that yer actual hobbits were small but doughty warriors and not averse to a pipe of baccy after the battle.’
    • ‘But how many of you have then thought: nah, wasted vote innit, and voted tactically for Labour in order to keep the Tories out?’
    • ‘There's less people to talk to, less close people, innit?’
    • ‘Yep, local people having their say - it's the devil's work, innit?’
    • ‘They should put it on a date, like Valentine's Day, innit?’
    • ‘Then it's okay to do it in a more public setting, innit?’



/ˈinit/ /ˈɪnɪt/