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‘There's some social housing, an old people's home, a bit of office space… and a small squat brick building lying innocuously in someone's front garden.’
  • ‘The Minister would dial the number of a prominent leader in the rival camp and innocuously leave the phone on, so that the rival camp would get graphic details of the discussions.’
  • ‘I smile and say something innocuously non-committal.’
  • ‘Peppered with innocuously mischievous lines, the play brought forth suppressed smiles, to say nothing of good-natured guffaws.’
  • ‘The trend started innocuously a few years ago, when novelty cameras that plugged into mobile handsets were marketed to gadget-obsessed kids in Japan and Europe.’



/iˈnäkyəwəslē/ /ɪˈnɑkjəwəsli/